Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Perfect Saturday!

 We had the perfect Saturday.  We headed up to our friend Dale's cabin and played all day!  The weather was perfect-it had snowed the night before and the sun was shining that day!  Dusty was able to take his nap in a warm cabin while we played outside.  We made a snowman, had a snowball fight, made snow angles, sledded and snowmobiled!  Perfect I tell ya!  We grilled hamburgers and ended the day in Leavenworth (the cutest little Bavarian town ever!) eating sausages and enjoying the lights!  
Bella warmed up quickly.  She was nervous  of the snowmobiles and sleds at first but then kept asking to "go again"

Cade's favorite part of the day was going "fast" on the snowmobile with Adrian.

Cal's favorite was being pulled on the sled behind the snowmobile!
Adrian and my favorite part-listing to all the giggles ALL day long!


Jared and Tanya's Family said...

That picture of Dusty is soooo cute!!!! Super fun!!! Glad you were able to go.

The Behunin Family Story said...

Dusty is growing up so much. That looks like a prefect day.

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